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IntApop is a web server to predict human apoptotic protein interactions. The prediction results can be visualized online or downloaded. Also, IntApop is a repository of global human apoptotic protein interactions so users can search protein(s) and view the interaction network. If you are new to IntApop, you would better refer to the help page to find details.

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You can predict your protein interactions or visualize the global human apoptotic protein interactions.
Example proteins: P32971 Q9BZE3 O00755 SMS_HUMAN SOX7_HUMAN.
Input example 1: P08519
Input example 2: P01574, Q7RTU7, etc.

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Data Statistics
Apoptotic proteins: 2137
Known apoptotic interactions: 46093
Predicted apoptotic interactions: 61589
Global human apoptotic interactions: 107317

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