*** FerrDb v2 has been released. Please take your time to have a look. Suggestions to admin@zhounan.org are welcomed.

Welcome to the world's first database of ferroptosis regulators and markers and ferroptosis-disease associations.

FerrDb focuses on genes, small molecules, and diseases. From this database, you will find:

  1. Drivers which are genes that promote ferroptosis.
  2. Suppressors which are genes that prevent ferroptosis.
  3. Markers which are genes that indicate the occurrence of ferroptosis.
  4. Inducers which are small molecules that can cause ferroptosis.
  5. Inhibiters which are small molecules that can restrict ferroptosis.
  6. Diseases associated with ferroptosis and what effect ferroptosis has on the diseases.
Small molecule inducer
Small molecule inhibitor

FerrDb news:

  • : Congrats! FerrDb article is published.
  • : The search result page is updated.
  • : Congrats! FerrDb is accepted by the DATABASE journal.
  • : Minor update. All articles of the year 2019 in PubMed are included (accessed on 2020.02.20).
  • : The "search" function is improved.
  • : The "Home" page is updated.
  • : The "Help" page is updated.
  • : FerrDb is released!!!

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